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A Look Into The World of Gen Z

by: Shad Bookout Just when everyone in student housing finally began to grasp the needs and motivations of the millennial residents under our care, a whole new generation has filled our communities. Gen Z has arrived and they will be around for at least the next decade. Many have asked, “just how different can they […]

Student Housing Management: What’s in the Box?

by: Shad Bookout It is a question that student housing teams have wondered since the beginning. A box arrives. a resident comes and retrieves it. And then they disappear. They seemed excited to come and get the parcel. The gleam in their eyes as they retrieved the cardboard encased item(s) is unmistakable. So, what is […]

Celebrating 15-Years Of Dedication: Rosie Erni

In early August 2002, Rosie Erni joined The Postal Solutions team during the company’s mail delivery management expansion into on-campus student housing, with the client addition of Kennesaw State University (Foundation). Rosie progressed from Mail Manager, to Senior Mail Manager, to Manager – West Coast today and is celebrating 15-years of dedication. Rosie is able […]




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Is Student Housing Heading Into a Slump?

by: Christine Blank Student housing is taking a hit in 2017, in terms of big investment deals. While 2016 was a phenomenal year for the sector, with $10 billion in student housing investment, many analysts and investors see 2017 as a “sophomore” year, leading to a temporary slump. There was a 43.7 percent year-over-year decline […]

Where Are Your Future Student Housing Residents From?

by: Shad Bookout Much more than academics are provided as a result of the college experience. Life skills, work skills, friendships, and much more are also learned along the way. For students who take part in the college housing experience, an additional benefit is discovered. The true scope of living alongside so many different people, […]