Student Housing Growth and the National Economy

Student Housing EconomyInternational investment pushes the market

Non-traditional housing continues to drive the real estate market showing strength and immunity to the recession. Student housing is at the top of the list for alternative residential assets offering higher yields than comparable traditional housing properties. According to NuWire Investor, investment dollars are not hard to find with domestic and international investors, primarily from Asia and Europe seeking safer and more stable investment opportunities. What does this mean for student housing? It means that growth in this sector will unlikely wane in the near future. 

Supply and demand

Due to the continued growth of college enrollment, demand for student housing is also on the rise making the allure for investment substantial. Places like Orono, Maine and Bloomington, Indiana are simply trying to keep up with the growing number of students living on- and off-campus. New properties are popping up everywhere to fill this demand, which is in-turn keeping the markets strong and positively impacting local economies.

Local and national economies

Outsourcing services like landscaping and mail management, as well as maintenance and waste management ties a single property to multiple vendors who employ even more employees. These little engines of economic growth are key to the future growth of the national economy since the term “outsource” in this industry still means American jobs. If there were ever an opportunity to bring this nation back to its feet again, industry sectors like student housing are making strides toward that possibility.

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