Will Your Student Housing Residents Miss You?

By: Shad Bookout

miss you 1Congratulations! Another term at your university has finally come to an end. The last few students are filing out of the dorms and out of their student housing communities. Sure, some will stay on through the summer and others will soon return. But during the summer, what are your doing to stay fresh on the minds of these residents? Most (if not all) have already signed their renewals. For those who are staying, are you continuing to keep your community culture alive? For those who have left and are destined to return, how are you going to ensure that they will spend their summer missing you and be eager to return?

Keep Active Over Summer

miss you 2Summer may be the most relaxing time a college student could enjoy, but the same cannot be said for students housing teams. You are busy preparing the community for the fall term while at the same time trying to market and lease the last few apartments / rooms that you have available. Many places even have reduced staff and reduced hours. So how will you possibly fit more into your already-packed summer schedule?

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It is important to stay connected to your active residents, even during the summer break. Today’s generation of student residents care more about experiences and lifestyle than they do price. They are going to continue to live in a place that makes them happy and creates a sense of community. So to prevent brand loss, you must play as active a role in their lives as you are when they are living inside your borders.  Also, be sure to leverage the power of those who are spending the summer still living there. Have them be a resource for you in the marketplace by offering them incentives to spread the word about your community. These brand ambassadors will often be able to create new partnerships that can aid you well into the fall term and beyond. Make sure to keep your strong sense of community active for them, so they continue to see you as home and not as just another place they might live.

Make Them Miss You

miss you 47K0A0800For those students who will spend the summer away from you, reach out to them regularly. They loved to receive mail from others during the past few months with you. Now, turnabout is fair play. Mail fun reminders and informative / interesting items to them while they are away. These “missing you” messages help drive home that strong sense of community even though they are not physically there. Since Millennials and GenZs prefer to communicate via technology, use text messaging and social media to reinforce this summer brand messaging. Ask them to share their summer with you, so you can learn more about what you can share with them when they return.

We Are Here To Help

Of course, the team at US Postal Solutions would love to help you along the way. Our PackageLog system gives you and an easy portal in which to communicate to your residents via text and email. It is more than just package notifications. It is a fast and easy way to mass message everyone who is a part of your community. In addition, our team of professional mail managers can take the heavy burden that sorting and distributing student mail causes. That way, you have more time to focus on what it is that you do best: making your student residents miss you, and eager to return in just a few short weeks.

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