Silence Can Be The Loudest Noise In Student Housing

By: Shad Bookout

silence 1The students have left. An eerie quiet settles over the community. Finally, you have a chance to catch your breath. As you look over the final reports covering the last few months a little smile gathers on your lips. You and your team did it. Your student housing community survived another semester. Enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. For this is one of the few times where quiet is a good thing. More often than not, quiet is the enemy of any student housing offering.

Quiet Means You Community Is Not Succeeding

silence 3The sign of a bright, vibrant and successful student community is a steady drone of noise. As daily life rolls on for your student residents, they busily scurry around from classes, to activities and back to through their front door once more. The pool and fitness center are always abuzz with chatter. Smiles – and sometimes tears – fill the mail room as they retrieve letters, cards and packages. Residents come and go through the office. Phones ring with the possibilities of future residents. The noise gives a great sense of normality and success.

The Silence Is Deafening

silence 2But what happens when silence fills the air? The absence of noise inside and around student amenities is a sign of despair. This means students are not active and enjoying the lifestyle that your community offers. Quiet in your mail center shows a lack of residents to receive mail and packages. Also, your current students are not engaged outside of their dorms, resident halls, or apartments when the only steps that can be heard in your mail room are those of the mail manager. The office falls silent. The phones stop ringing. The deafening silence reveals a community in despair.

A Sound Solution

silence 4Two things allow you to avoid the silence and embrace the sweet noise of student housing success. First, you must have the time needed to engage with your community’s residents. Spend time with them, creating some of the noise and hearing the stories that they have to tell. Second, create opportunities for the students to engage with your community staff. This engagement will help drive the communication that is the foundation of any great apartment community culture. The two of these combine, so that the only silence you hear are for a few short days each summer.

The professional mail managers at US Postal Solutions make it their goal every day to ensure that you and your team are able to spend time with your residents (both current and future), instead of having to sort, distribute and deal with the headaches of student mail. In addition, our package notification system – PackageLog – offers you a variety of communication tools, including texts and emails to your residents, so that you message never falls on deaf ears.

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