Does Size Really Matter?

By: Shad Bookout

size 4It has been said that bigger is better. But is it really? Cars are beginning to get smaller. Micro-apartments are popping up across the U.S. Hybrid dogs are being bred smaller and smaller. We even constantly refer to how small the world is, thanks to our connections via social media. But college students are tired of small. When it comes to student housing, bigger really is better.

Bigger Student Housing Rooms

size 2Long gone are the days of dorm rooms being limited to a 12 x 12 concrete bunker, housing a minimum of two college students with a single bathroom serving an entire floor of student residents. Student housing dorm rooms – as well as off-campus student housing room – are growing in size. Private 14 x 14 (and even bigger) rooms with private baths are being developed at an ever-increasing rate. This new era of student housing is helping redefine the industry. In some cases, these rooms are even nicer than the ones from which the student hail.

Bigger Student Housing Amenities

size 1Along with bigger rooms, student housing communities are providing bigger and better amenities for their residents. Oversized pools, larger fitness centers and expansive outdoor spaces are being added to the new student housing communities being built across the nation. Communities are also spending time creating bigger events for their residents to indulge in. This includes first-run movies on giant outdoor screens, food truck rallies with dozens of food offerings and super-sized charity events that bring students together for a greater cause. When it comes to student housing amenities, the new theory is “go big or go home”.

Bigger Student Housing Communities

size 3Along with bigger rooms and bigger amenities, the scale of student housing communities is also growing.  Whereas 200 apartments serving 800 residents was commonplace, now we are seeing student populations grow into the thousands at individual communities. Huge apartment towers are being developed in large metro areas and town center-style communities with shopping and entertainment are being built to serve suburban colleges. In addition, the increasing student population gives communities a global community feel and creates a unique lifestyle that will inspire the future leaders of the world.

More Student Housing Mail

Junk Mail 3More students also means more mail and more packages arriving at your community.  To serve their residents, larger mail rooms are being added to most student housing communities. But more space is only one part of the picture. The increased amount of mail and packages mean more time devoted to the sorting and distribution of mail to residents. For most communities, the U.S. Postal Service has opted for single-point delivery in order to save time and meet their budget. FedEx and UPS often drop off dozens of packages each day in front of the mail room. But this no longer means your staff has to spend more time dealing with the challenges this crates

The team at US Postal Solutions is here is help you take back your time, your space, and your mail rooms. We want you to spend your time helping your students, so we will handle the sorting and distribution of mail for you. Also, our PackageLog™ system allows you to email and text students when their packages arrive. This helps end the “has my package arrive yet?” calls and creates a new, meaningful communication system with your residents. Let us deal with your heightened volume of mail and packages so you can deal with the increased needs of your residents.

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Postal Solutions is the nation’s leader in the student housing mail delivery management industry, for both on/off-campus mail management services. The Postal Solutions Companies offers mail delivery management servicesinventory / asset tracking software, and parcel logging software / package tracking software. For more information regarding The Postal Solutions Companies, please call us today at (866) 378-8157 or visit us online at


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