Not All Student Housing Amenities Are Strictly For Residents

By: Shad Bookout

It is the time of year when student housing teams race to get their community ready for the upcoming arrive of their fall term student population. These future residents chose to live here for a variety of reasons. For some, it is all about location. For others, it is price. But, for many, the reason they chose to live at this community rather than the other options boiled down to lifestyle and amenities.

It is a common practice for student housing communities to lead their advertising and marketing by highlighting the various amenities offered. Everything from movie rooms to pools to the size of the living areas creates a narrative on how they are the best community in the area. However, some of the amenities that your student housing residents love are just as much a bonus for the community staff as they are for the residents they are provided for.

Can You “Here” Me Now

Today’s student housing resident lives in a high tech space and mind frame that pushes technology to a whole new level. This means that a community must certainly offer the highest internet speed available and the strongest cell phone strength possible. This reliance on technology also creates an opportunity for student housing teams to better communicate to residents  on a personalized basis. Chatbots can only do so much. The most reliable way is direct interaction via text and social media. Since they are already engaged with their smart phones, you might as well go ahead and send them a Snap.

It Has Arrived

Something that residents love but student housing teams hate is mail. Endless towers of bins filled with envelopes from home, credit card applications, and the latest “not to be missed” offer have to be sorted and distributed into the correct box. This takes a ton of time and effort. Enter outsourced mail management. As a “silent” amenity for residents, it provides a quick and seamless way to get the mail into their hands. For student housing teams, the burdens of mail management are lifted, allowing them to spend more time taking care of the community and its residents.

What’s in the Box?

At the same time, packages are arriving in record numbers. Online shopping is hitting record numbers and what used to be an occasional care package from home has turned into a mountain of cardboard parcels for you to store and distribute. Two amenity options are available to benefit both you and your residents. First is package alert and management systems. This allows you to notify a resident of packages’ arrival via text or email. This also takes advantage of the engagement with communication technology we spoke about earlier. Second is an automated package locker system. This nearly eliminates all of your team’s engagement with packages and moves the burden directly onto the resident themselves. In both cases, students pick up packages quicker, creating a valued amenity that benefits them on nearly a daily basis. This also means less time, energy, and space you have to devote to dealing with packages.

What other amenities do you offer the benefit both you and your residents? Let us know in the comments.

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