Can I skip Postal Forwarding and just use the Post Office?

Submitting a Post Office change of address form will result in the form being returned to you by mail (to your old address, the one requesting the change service).

NO requests for change of address from your previous address will be honored by the Post Office. The Post Office may not notify you that they did not process your forward (if submitted to them) and they are not required to notify you.

Why am I paying to forward my mail?

Single-point “bulk drop delivery” is a method by the US Postal Service where mail for multiple residents is delivered to a single point or “bulk drop” (example: your apartment complex). Mail is then sorted and delivered to the individual mailbox by hand. Because you are a mail recipient at a “bulk drop delivery” address, your mail must also be forwarded by hand without ANY machinery.

Postal Forwarding coordinates mail forwarding for you at a reduced rate of $21 (cost estimated at near $65 per resident/year) and processes your forwarding request in a fast and efficient manner.

You are not required to pay for this service. Be aware that you can contact all who send you mail and change your address with them. By paying for this service you are receiving a customized, coordinated effort of by-hand forwarding for at least 6-months.

What is the process?

The process includes establishing the resident as an addressee to be forwarded (daily), covering USPS bar codes front and back (daily) and affixing a pre-printed or printing labels (daily) on EVERY piece of first and second class mail. Once mail is addressed to the recipient it is not entitled to “customary” forwarding or change of address service by the USPS.

How long will my forwarding be in place?

USPSI will continue to forward your mail for a minimum of six months. In many situations forwarding is continued for close to one year. The volume of mail you typically receive determines the length of time that service will continue.

How long should I expect to wait for mail to reach my new address?

Three weeks. USPSI begins forwarding your mail within 1-4 business days of your order. However, the US Postal Service may sometimes delay your mail for several weeks (up to three weeks). We suggest waiting about three weeks before contacting us regarding a delay. We say this based on eleven-years of experience!

If I have issues or I suspect something went wrong, what else can I do?

Call us toll-free at 1-866-378-8157 with your question or concern. For a faster response or for replies by email or text message, click HERE.