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“The management team from US Postal Solutions took my issue very seriously, by attempting to resolve my problem…we love the customer service [that] we were provided and US Postal Solutions is a value to me as a parent.”

Letter from Parent

“My personal experience with this company, from the initial call, to resolving the [resident’s] problem, was nothing but a smooth transition.”

Gainesville Place Apartments

“…we have over 3,000 beds on campus. We have contract with US Postal Solutions to manage our mail distribution…and have been pleased with management, distribution and customer service.”

Kennesaw State University (On-Campus Housing – KSUF, LLC)

“Postal Solutions worked out a rate that approximated our costs, and after managing the mail on our own since August… we contracted with them early this year.”

Davis Property Management, Inc.

“…we had to engage a third party service because our staff could not concentrate on their most important responsibility-leasing.”

Great Southern Investments and Asset Management

“I am surprised that some of our competitors believe they can effectively manage a mail system internally.”

Gainesville Place

“Our company’s expertise is in leasing and selling condos, not mail delivery. Handling mail is an involved business, which includes potential liabilities.”

The Preiss Company

“In our opinion, handling the US Mail is a complex procedure, which carries potential liabilities that warrant a focused effort.”

Suite USA

“After making a decision to utilize your services, we are extremely happy with the overall service and professional attitude that we receive from each person within Postal Solutions.”

University Suites

“After comparing the cost to add staffing to handle this large task, we determined that it was much more cost effective for us to use an outside vendor…(Postal Solutions).”

Paradigm Properties

“Not only were they fast, friendly, and efficient people to work with, but [they] always made sure [they] stayed in touch with me and my employees to ensure that Postal Solutions was doing everything they possibly c[ould] to serve us.”

American Campus Communities

We Are The Pros

Our experience relates to the management services surrounding self-managed mail delivery. Our company also offers (optional) electronic parcel notification services to alert residents of inbound packages waiting for pick-up.

We offer mail management services for off-campus student housing apartments nationwide, on-campus university residence life programs, businesses office mail centers, and mixed-use residential / retail locations.

Adding Postal Solutions will minimize your mail-related inquiries and reduce potential liabilities. Mail and package inquiry resolution is available 24/7/365 via live-operator customer assistance, and online at PostalForwarding.com.

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  • Experience Matters

    Our company is familiar with all USPS documentation necessary for the collection & management of U.S. Mail.

  • Awesome Support

    Offering a superior level of customer service, every client receives access to 24/7 live-operator toll free customer service via telephone, SMS, and social media outlets.

  • Stress Free

    Eliminate the burden of managing the self-delivery of U.S. Mail, theft, loss, and ongoing complaints by transitioning your existing mail management services to Postal Solutions.